- - Race Republic Launches New Everest Challenge

Race Republic Launches New Everest Challenge

The new virtual cycling platform, Race Republic, is launching a unique take on Everesting, a stunning photo realistic recreation of Mt. Everest’s 29,032 foot summit that awaits cyclists. 

“We would love for you to join us on January 14th to preview (ride) Everest. Join Race Republic founder Mark Jensen, founder Andy van Bergen and former World Tour Pro Floyd Landis in this virtual media event which will explain the Race Republic platform and the Everest Challenge'” says the company.

A private media preview will take place on January 14th at 11 AM PST / 2 PM ET. You can also ride over the weekend on the 15th and 16th. Simply reply back to this email letting us know who from your outlet will be attending, and their email address. Instructions will be sent to each editor for Everest access.

Race Republic will be presenting  a brief video explaining the new virtual platform, along with details as to how Floyd and Andy have been training.

What is Everesting?

Everesting is the process of climbing a total of 29,032 feet (the height of Mt. Everest) in a single ride. Traditionally, the challenge has been done by repeatedly climbing and descending a hill but during the pandemic virtual Everesting has become popular. Race Republic is putting a potentially painful and very interesting spin on the challenge, removing all downhill sections, participants will climb Everest in a straight shot, all the way up. It is anticipated that the removal of all downhill sections will make breaking the current record possible. Records are kept by Andy van Bergen on the website

“In the eight years that the Everesting challenge has been running, this truly has to be one of the most exciting, unique, and authentic ways of approaching climbing 29,032 ft that we’ve seen. The challenge has always been about climbing the height of Everest in your own backyard, so the thought of bringing Everest itself into athletes’ homes is extremely exciting,” says van Bergen.

What is the Race Republic Everest Challenge?

Following all Everesting rules, participants must complete the virtual Everest in a single effort, although breaks are allowed (and encouraged). The Everest Challenge is open for 365 days, riders do not need to compete on January 31st, which is simply the launch date, and the date of Floyd’s One Hour Challenge.

Van Bergen and Landis will set their times before the challenge begins. Participants can then race their avatars, or complete the climb solo. Riders can do the shorter ride up to Everest Base Camp, or split the full Everest Climb into multiple days if they’d like to.

When Does the Challenge Start?

Registration for the Race Republic Everest Climb is already open. Participants can register at the link below. The Race Republic Everest event will begin January 31, 2022, at 5:00 am US Eastern Time. Because the event is virtual, participants may ride any date and any time until January 31, 2023, at 5 am US Eastern Time.

  • Registration is open. Public sign-up is Here.
  • The event runs from January 31, 2022 – January 31, 2023
  • Participants can make as many efforts as they wish during the contest period
  • Participants can race avatars of Floyd Landis and Andy van Bergen, who will set their times before the event begins

What Equipment Do I Need?

  • Bluetooth compatible smart trainer, i.e. Wahoo Kicker (any year)
  • A Computer with:
    • Mac OS 10.14+ or Windows 10+, not Apple iOS or Windows. 
    • i5 CPU or better
    • Video Memory: 1.5 GB min, recommended 2+ GB
    • Memory: 4 GB
  • Tablets and phones will not work for the media day! Updates will allow tablet and phone use later in the year.

The Everest Challenge is part of Race Republic’s subscription model, which retails for $250 yearly. This fee gives riders access to all Race Republic Virtual events and worlds for a full calendar year.

Race Republic Subscription Details:

  • 12-month use of the Race Republic Everest Climb. Climb as much as you would like, whenever you would like, for a full year
  • Race Republic Everest Climb Finisher Shirt (Additional Charge for non-US residents)
  • Race Republic Everest Climb Finisher medal (Additional Charge for no-US residents)
  • Entrance into the Everesting Hall of Fame
  • $250 dollar annual subscription fee

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