- - Rapha and MINI Team-Up on Special Promotions

Rapha and MINI Team-Up on Special Promotions

Rapha and MINI USA have teamed-up to create a variety of promotions that include discounts for Rapha club members toward the purchase or lease of a new MINI vehicle, and vice versa for MINI owners toward the British cycling brand’s apparel. 

To celebrate, MINI USA will be delivering a number of its Clubman vehicles to Rapha Clubhouses across the country, which will be used to support Rapha club rides and other events. 

Under the promotion, Rapha Cycling Club members who test-drive, purchase or lease a new 2019 Mini will receive a $500 credit that can be used toward the purchase or lease of the vehicle, or applied toward the purchase of a MINI bike rack or other MINI lifestyle accessories at the time of the vehicle purchase. Moreover, Rapha Cycling Club members will also receive a package of co-branded Rapha+MINI accessories including a musette bag, small carrying case and a cycling cap.

Additionally, MINI owners in the USA will receive a limited discount of 20% off all merchandise on Rapha’s website. 

“MINI has always been a brand that embraces a strong minded community of active individuals who love to get out and enjoy life’s experiences,” said Thomas Felbermair, the vice president of Mini’s America’s division. “In Rapha, I am pleased that we have found a partner that mirrors our brand philosophy and, like Mini, is totally at home both in our metropolitan centers and out on the open roads of the U.S. Our MINI Clubmans will allow Rapha customers a quick escape to reach the delightful rides across the U.S., from the Catskill Mountains of New York and the forested peaks of Washington to the monumental climbs across California. With this partnership Mini once again delivers ‘more of what matters,’”

“It’s a natural partnership, as both Rapha North America and MINI are fully committed to the outdoors while remaining deeply rooted at the intersection of design and performance,” said Jake Rosenblum, Rapha’s North American marketing director. “The two brands integrate these elements extremely well, and this leads to a rewarding experience for the customer — whether enjoyed on four wheels or two.”

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