- - Rapha and SILCA Partner on Special Edition Impero Ultimate and Pocket Impero Bike Pumps

Rapha and SILCA Partner on Special Edition Impero Ultimate and Pocket Impero Bike Pumps

Rapha and SILCA have partnered on two special edition bike pumps for Rapha Cycling Club (RCC) members, which are based on the American brand’s new Impero Ultimate and the Pocket Impero models.

Impero Ultimate is assembled by hand and features an all-aluminum construction, along with a lever-free, two-stage head gasket and FlexWing Silicone bumpers on head, handle tip and main barrel to ensure optimal air-volume and protection of the frame’s paintwork. 

The special edition Impero Ultimate is distinguished by Rapha’s RCC logo and signature pink accents along the handle, pump head and silicon bumper on the main barrel.

“There was once a time when every club cyclist would carry a frame pump to guard against punctures. Since then, lightweight pocket pumps have become de rigueur but they still can’t match a frame pump for reliability and rapid reinflation. The Rapha Cycling Club has partnered with world-leading manufacturer SILCA to create this limited edition of the Impero Frame Pump. Designed to accommodate tubing diameters between 25mm and 64mm, the pump sits securely beneath the top tube with silicone bumpers to protect paintwork and prevent road vibration,” says Rapha.

“SILCA’s 2-stage head gasket ensures a complete seal around the valve while the barrel, handle and piston – all machined from aluminium – combine for the most efficient inflation of any portable pump (112 strokes = 110psi). To ensure a lifetime of flawless use, the machined aluminium head comes complete with a brass check valve. An additional silicone bumper on the main barrel acts as a compression lock to stop the handle from moving while the handle itself features an ergonomic grip for a firm handhold. All SILCA pumps are assembled by hand with meticulous attention to details that makes them the finest in the world,” adds the British brand.

Available in five sizes, the Impero Ultimate will suit a broad range of toptube lengths.

Weighing in at 150g and measuring 20.3cm long, the Pocket Impero mini-pump features a similar full-aluminum construction, along with a CNC’d machined head, which SILCA claims can reach 89psi in 200 strokes. Moreover, a slide-lock silicone sleeve has been added to “improve grip and doubles as a handle lock when in your pocket”.

“A dependable, pocket sized mini-pump designed with SILCA, exclusive to members of the Rapha Cycling Club. Compatible with Presta valves only, the pump features a barrel made of a durable alloy, with a brass check valve for precise inflation and a silicone sleeve for additional grip.This pocketable pump reaches higher pressures than any other ever tested in the BikeRadar test protocol. Unlike many other pumps of its kind, it does not suffer from efficiency loss when hot. Its Slide-Lock Silicone sleeve improves grip, and doubles as a handle lock to keep it compact in your pocket”, says Rapha. 

The Impero Ultimate and Pocket Impero come with a 25-year warranty and sell for $165 and $155 respectively.

Both pumps can be purchased by RCC members on Rapha’s website here



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