- - Rapha Launches "Colourburn" Pro Team Aero Jersey Collection

Rapha Launches “Colourburn” Pro Team Aero Jersey Collection

The Rapha Colourburn Pro Team Aero Jersey collection takes the British brand’s fastest jerseys up a gear with an aerodynamically defined color scheme.

The collection is based on Rapha’s groundbreaking Pro Team Aero Jersey, developed with a world-renowned aerodynamicist through wind tunnel research and ridden to victory in the WorldTour.

Rapha used a smooth fabric on the body to improve airflow, and a textured mesh on the sleeves to break up the air and improve efficiency. The jersey design was further refined with extensive testing in the velodrome.

Rapha says, the distinctive Colourburn design is inspired by the same wind tunnel testing, with colors faded in the areas of most wind resistance, bringing the science that created the jersey itself into a bold visual expression of speed.

Rapha’s new Colourburn collection is available in both long-sleeve and short-sleeve jerseys in five distinctive colors.



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