- - "Repurposed" - Gravel Cycling Across British Columbia

“Repurposed” – Gravel Cycling Across British Columbia

Repurposed, a new short film by Chris Hatton, shares the story behind his relationship with gravel riding and the commercial logging roads that make it possible. Shot in British Columbia, this inspirational 7-minute film takes a closer look at how gravel riding is redefining what these roads are used for.

“Folks who live in British Columbia know that gravel cycling in the province is possible thanks to commercial logging, providing access that would simply not exist without these byways through the forest. It’s a juxtaposition that I struggle with regularly, but it’s certainly not as black and white as some people may think,” explains Hatton.

Hatton is one of the founders of the Fernie Gravel Grind who has spent a lot of time riding BC’s gravel roads and has clearly had some time to think about them.

Repurposed takes a closer look at the discipline of gravel riding, what it means to the community, and how it’s transforming the way these logging roads are used to interact with the land.

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