- - Ridley Announces Three New Versions of Its Grifn "All-Road" Bike

Ridley Announces Three New Versions of Its Grifn “All-Road” Bike

Ridley has announced three new versions of its Grifn “all-road”, touting less weight and increased tire clearance (up to 42mm), moving the bike a few rungs further up the ladder toward its flagship Kanzo gravel bike, but as its name suggests, offering a better balance between on and off-road pursuits.

Comprising a new carbon lay-up design, the top-tier Grifn RS sheds an impressive 140 grams over the standard Grifn, while revised tube profiles, a D-shaped seat post and a newly developed diffuser under the fork crown have improved the bike’s aerodynamic signature over the base model model. As a result, Ridley claims the frame is 5% more efficient at 36kph when compared to the current Grifn.

Elsewhere, the Grifn RS is fitted with SRAM’s UDH (universal derailleur hanger), making it easier to source a new derailleur hanger in a pinch, as well as future-proofing it for new advancements in drivetrain technology.  

Ridley has also designed the Grifn RS to be compatible with a dynamo hub, allowing the cabling to be nicely routed through the fork leg. Ditto for a rear light, with internal routing provided via the top tube.

Additionally, as a partner with Classified, Ridley offers the Grifn RS with a PowerShift two-speed internal hub gear as an optional spec for £6,786.96. This gives the rider the same range of gears as a traditional two-by setup with the aesthetic and reduced complexity of a one-by system.

The Grifn RS is available in six build options with the following Shimano and SRAM groupsets on offer:

  • Shimano 105 Di2 – £5,299
  • Shimano GRX 800 Di2 – £6,399
  • Shimano Ultegra 8170 Di2 – £6,837.39
  • SRAM Rival AXS XPLR – £5,499
  • SRAM Force AXS 2x – £6,399
  • SRAM Force AXS XPLR 1x – £6,399

The other two Grifn models that join the RS are the A and E, with the A indicating an aluminum frame version and the E corresponding with an electric assistance.

Thanks to its aluminum frame, the Grifn A brings the starting price down to £1,899, which comes equipped with Shimano’s 2×12 GRX 400 mechanical groupset. However, when it comes to clearance, the Grifn A is a bit less accommodating than the flagship RS model, allowing up to 38mm for a 2x configuration or 40mm for a 1x.

In the case of the Grifn E, the bike incorporates Mahle’s 3.2kg X20 hub-based motor platform, providing up to 55Nm of torque via a 350Wh battery, making it one of the lightest hub-based systems on the market.

Unlike the Grifn A, the Grifn E shares the same silhouette as the RS with the battery sitting within the constraints of the downtube, with the following models available:

  • Shimano 105 mechanical – £4,999
  • Shimano 105 Di2 – £5,999
  • Shimano Ultegra Di2 – £7,299
  • Shimano GRX600 2×12 – £4,999
  • Shimano GRX800 2×12 – £5,499
  • SRAM Apex AXS XPLR – £5,299
  • SRAM Rival AXS XPLR – £5,799

As for us Yanks, unfortunately, Ridley has no representation on these shores. But, hopefully, that will change sometime soon.

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