- - Rose X-Lite Team Road Bike

Rose X-Lite Team Road Bike


Rose is a rose, is a rose, is a rose, and by any other name, could possibly be a bike. 

Every now and then we like a feature an interesting product or bike, that for whatever, remains outside the reach of us yanks. And, despite the world being the global market that it is, there are many products that continue to evade these shores.

One such bike brand that has crossed our radar before, is the German-based Rose, which every now and then has piqued our interest with some uber-slick road bike.

The latest from Rose to do so, is their X-Lite Team, which looks like it was hammered out of carbon fiber by demonic Gnomes somewhere in the Black Forest.

According to Rose, the X-Lite Team is fabricated by hand, using no fewer than 140 layers of carbon fiber, yielding a frame weight of less than 800 grams. Moreover, tipping the scales at a mere 290 grams, the X-Lite Team features one of the lightest forks ever conceived.

But, what’s perhaps most appealing about Rose’s flagship model, are the simple, rounded tube shapes and semi-square profiles that make up the X-Lite Team frameset, something we’ve come to equate as having excellent road feel and poise.  






Rose X-Lite Team




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