- - SAGA's New HoloBike Brings Hologram Technology to Indoor Cycling

SAGA’s New HoloBike Brings Hologram Technology to Indoor Cycling

SAGA’s new HoloBike brings hologram technology to indoor cycling, making it possible for enthusiasts to experience real-time, immersive riding without the need for virtual headgear and the like.

According to SAGA, the HoloBike uses sophisticated sight-tracking technology that allows users to see into and around a virtual environment, adding another dimension to home fitness that combats the issue of exercise bikes feeling “static” by recreating an outdoor riding experience.

Featuring a 27-inch, 4K display that extends out from the handlebars, the HoloBike delivers what SAGA describes as a “stereoscopic viewport that simulates the human perception of moving through 3D space, a phenomenon known as optic flow that is fundamental to what makes training outdoors so invigorating (and is the basis for a branch of psychology known as EMDR). By unlocking that for indoor training, the HoloBike achieves similar mood-boosting benefits while riders tour digital twins of Earth’s most epic trails.”

The bike itself possesses a sleek, minimalist design, along with a robust structural stand rendered in white that’s punctuated by elements in black such as the seat and handlebars, providing a wide range of adjustability and fitment, while the pedals are mated to an electromagnetic resistance system that’s designed to both replicate gradients, as well as simulate the surface of the terrain, further adding to the HoloBike’s real-life riding conditions.

To bring its project to life, SAGA approached the design firm Layer and its founder Benjamin Hubert to develop and engineer the HoloBike.

“The immersive on-screen visuals keep users focused on performance, and the design of the HoloBike combines the visual language of high-performance bikes with a striking geometry that sits seamlessly in a home environment,” says Hubert.

SAGA has undertaken a crowd-funding effort on Kickstarter, easily surpassing its goal of $25,000 goal within hours of the campaign.

The total raised currently stands at over $45,000 with 49 days still to go, so there’s a good chance that the HoloBike will make it into full production for the masses.

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