- - Santini and L'Eroica Partner on New Apparel Collection

Santini and L’Eroica Partner on New Apparel Collection

Santini and L’Eroica have partnered on a new collection of apparel, comprising a mix of old-world fabrics with new technical materials that span jerseys, bibshorts, caps, socks and many off-the-bike casual garments.

“L’Eroica is the event inspired by the dawn of classic cycling, an opportunity to rediscover the roots of this sport. Over the years, alongside the original edition in Gaiole in Chianti, Eroica events have sprung up all over the world: a veritable movement that evokes the myths of vintage cycling and which Santini, who boasts a history of over half a century that lends credibility and expertise in cycling clothing past and present, celebrates with a new collection,” says Santini.

Santini has been a partner of the event since 2015 and this year is launching a collection that includes “L’Eroica Approved” garments, i.e., garments that can be regularly worn in L’Eroica races, inspired by the historical values of cycling, as well as a casual line of official L’Eroica t-shirts and sweatshirts.

“To relive the sensations of vintage cycling, riding on the dusty roads of L’Eroica like an amateur of yesterday, Santini proposes some garments completely made in wool. The jerseys, Spazio and Vento, are enriched with mother-of-pearl buttons on the back pockets and short metal zips, just like in the old days. Both are “L’Eroica Approved” and can be worn regularly in races during Eroica events,” says the storied Italian brand.

In the case of the wool garments, they’re made from a mix of merino wool and polyester, which harks back to the Golden Days of cycling, while also modernizing them with new technology.

“The new collection represents a touch of L’Eroica style: a match between tradition and technology such as the Luce jersey and bibshorts. The latter are made with wool on the outer layer and polyamide on the inside and are equipped with the Santini GIT pad with an anti-shock gel core, to give a heroic look but enjoy the comfort of modern technology. The colors chosen are white, red and burgundy, and dark green for the Luce jersey,” explains Santini.

The Technical Garments collection: Garments for him and her

A line of microfiber garments in red and burgundy for him make up the Brina and the Sole jerseys, along with the Brina bibshorts, while the pink and burgundy Sogno jersey, cap and socks are dedicated to female enthusiasts.

To live L’Eroica every day

To bring a bit of heroic spirit into the city and into everyday life, Santini has created a line of casual garments ranging from t-shirts, to sweatshirts and hoodies, as well as a L’Eroica cap and two silk scarves. The scarves are a tribute to the cycling of yesterday when they were used to protect the mouth from the dust raised during the race.

You can see the full Santini x L’Eroica collection by visiting

  • Spazio jersey: $189,95
  • Vento jersey: $199,95
  • Vita wool jersey: $214,95
  • Luce Wool jersey: $124,95
  • Eroica Wool bibshorts: $179,95
  • Sole jersey: $124,95
  • Brina jersey: $109,95
  • Brina baselayer: $34,95
  • Brina bibshorts: $199,95
  • Ventus jacket: $119,95
  • Sogno jersey (women):  $109,95
  • Sogno baselayer (women): $34,95
  • Eroica hoodie: $124,95
  • Eroica sweatshirt: $89,95
  • Eroica t-shirt (adults): $34,95
  • Eroica t-shirt (kids): $29,95
  • Eroica cap and Ruby cycling cap: $24,95
  • Pure silk scarf: $59,99



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