- - Sarto Dazzles with New Raso Aero Road Bike

Sarto Dazzles with New Raso Aero Road Bike

The House of Sarto is dazzling aficionados with its latest creation called the Raso, treating disciples of the lauded Italian brand to an all-new aero road bike that promises comfort and speed in an endurance inspired design.

At the heart of the Raso, are newly developed tube shapes and profiles, comprising bold, truncated aerodynamic cross sections, while its unidirectional carbon fiber, tube-to-tube construction allows for both standard and custom geometry.

“A core belief at Sarto is in the power of innovation and investment in new technologies. These new technologies, like our carbon fiber cutter and autoclave, allow us to accelerate our materials research and technical solutions, bolstering our in-house capabilities and continuing our proud tradition of making everything by hand in Italy,” boasts the Veneto-based company. 

Available in disc brake only, braking forces are mitigated by additional lay-ups of carbon fiber in key areas of frame, along with uniquely shaped seatstays that are designed to further reduce vibration, while providing enough clearance to accommodate tires up to a beefy 35mm.

Other notable features that highlight the Raso include a proprietary, aero seatpost, full cable integration via the headset and a variety of different bottom bracket standards to choose from, ranging from a classic BSA, to a threaded T47, to a PressFit PF386 or PF86 set-up.

The bike also gets a new one-piece cockpit, which features a compact design, along 10.75° of flare, resulting in 75mm of reach and 125mm of drop.

Since is each Raso is handmade to the client’s specifications, Sarto doesn’t give any specifics on pricing.

But rest assured, exclusivity has its price. So, be prepared to lay down some serious lira.





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