- - Schwalbe Offers New "Tire Booster" Portable Air Compressor

Schwalbe Offers New “Tire Booster” Portable Air Compressor


If you’re an adherent to the tubeless wheel/tire trend, you’ll know having lots of air pressure is the key to successfully mounting tires. 

According to Schwalbe. their new Tire Booster can provide cyclists with the massive amount of airflow they need to successfully wrangle a tubeless wheelset into place.

Developed in partnership with the British company, Airshot, the Tire Booster can modulate airflow up 160psi via its large volume canister  which can be easily filled using a standard floor pump.


Weighing less than a pound (435g to be exact) and no larger than most floor pumps, the Tire Booster is easily stow-able and can be brought any place where you and your bike travel.

Schwalbe says the Tire Booster will be available starting in December, with pricing for the USA to be announced.

Now if only a company could offer cyclists a choice between authentic Italian, French, Spanish or Belgian air!  

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