- - Schwalbe Revamps Its Tubeless "One" Tire

Schwalbe Revamps Its Tubeless “One” Tire

First introduced in 2013, Schwalbe has revamped its popular One tubeless tire to be lighter, thus yielding less rolling resistance for improved performance. 

The new version of the One, is called the Pro One, which Schwalbe claims is 70 grams lighter than the current model. Moreover, the brand also claims that rolling resistance has been reduced by almost 10%, and more than 40% less than a traditional tire with the same puncture resistance.

In addition, Schwalbe has changed the tire’s constructed to incorporate a fabric called Microskin, which they say ensures the tire and rim are airtight, pressure stable, while it also improves puncture resistance.

The Pro One is available as a 23mm with a claimed weight of 235 grams, a 25mm at 255 grams and a 28mm at 275 grams.

Schwalbe also claims that mounting the tire is easier now, as a result of its Tubeless Easy design.

Whether you’re someone who embraces tubeless tire technology, or not, there’s no denying its popularity with the emerging off-road endurance  segment – often referred to as  “gravel grinding”.

Indeed, going tubeless, means cyclists can run lower pressure for greater comfort, take advantage of a large range of tires sizes, while also ruling out the possibility of pinch flats. And, even in the case of a flat, the sealant contained in the tire often seals the puncture without the rider even knowing. 

Needless to say, these features have almost become a prerequisite for the “gravel grinder’/”endurance” crowd.


The new standard for our Evo tires.

A new sidewall monofilament fabric brings three advantages over the previous SnakeSkin fabric: Even better cut resistance, increased protection and most importantly it allows an extremely easy Tubeless conversion.

The use of liquid sealant is neccessary, but otherwise installation is just as easy as with real Tubeless tires. Time consuming conversion requiring intensive shaking and frequent re-inflation is no longer needed with Tubeless Easy.

Tubeless Easy replaces both the previous Tubeless and Tubeless Ready versions.



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