- - Scott Touts Nostalgia with Its Road RC Lace Cycling Shoe

Scott Touts Nostalgia with Its Road RC Lace Cycling Shoe


Whether it’s purists who are dedicated to reliving the Golden Era of cycling, or hipsters (complete with their tattoos and “man buns”) who think they represent the New Dawn of cycling, both groups seem to be on a quest for one thing – nostalgia – and any product that will give it to them.

While both groups may revel in their love of retro bikes, in order to be relevant in the grand scheme of modern day cycling, they’ve both had to adapt to more contemporary bikes. However, perhaps the one thing that still allows them to pursue their halcyon days of riding, is attire.

As a result, cycling apparel companies have been keen to invest in a wide range of products that represent an aesthetic that dates back to cycling’s earliest days, by offering jerseys, shorts, sweaters, caps and shoes which are reminiscent of every historic era along the way. And, right now, retro shoes seem to be a priority.  

Indeed, over the few years, a number of brands have turned their focus to reprising the lace-up cycling shoe of yore, but with new materials and greater attention to styling.

The latest to join the growing list, is Scott new Road RC Lace cycling shoe.


However, rather than simply being a ghost from the past, Road RC Lace capitalizes on the latest materials such as a laser cut and welded microfiber and mesh upper, a rigid HMF carbon fiber sole and a classic lace closure system which harnesses precise fit in an unbeatable light weight construction.

In the end, the Road RC Lace stands-out as one of the best examples of old meets new, yielding both form and function in a stylized manner that’s sure to leave every Mid-Century cycling geek wanting a pair. 



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