- - Selle Royal Offers "Love" Inspired TA+TOO LOVE Saddles

Selle Royal Offers “Love” Inspired TA+TOO LOVE Saddles


Love makes the world go round. It always has. Love is what makes us wake up with a smile. It reveals the bright side of every situation. It shows us the true meaning of life. It doesn’t matter where you find it. Could be yourself or others. It doesn’t matter what you love. Could be the world, an ideal, or your peers. Love is life, no matter where it lies.

The new TA+TOO LOVE collection by Selle Royal shows us the most engaging of feelings through the eyes of three great illustrators: Jean Jullien, Riccardo Guasco and Ilaria Falorsi.

Because love can take many forms… even the form of a saddle!


Who are the artists?

Jean Jullien

A is French artist currently living in London, Jean Jullien loves art in all its facets, with his practice ranging from illustration to design, video, photography, costumes and installations. He works closely with numerous artists, covering the fields of music, animation and visual blogs, and adding a unique, visionary touch to each of them. For the TA+TOO LOVE collection, Jean Jullien showed his love of the world, humanity and peace through a powerful, religious symbol: the dove.


Riccardo Guasco

“I love to catch the eye quickly, in an instant, and to tell little things through an image”. This quote alone says it all about the style of Riccardo Guasco, a brilliant artist from Piedmont who loves posters, which he believes to be democratic, artistic and fast above all others. By developing his own take on Cubism and Futurism, Guasco has come to a personal style made of light shapes and warm colours, which make his works into pure poetry. The saddle he designed for the TA+TOO LOVE collection is an ode to your passions, whether they involve a partner or just your bicycle.

Ilaria Falorsi

Born and raised in the city of Pinocchio, Ilaria Falorsi let the buoyant spirit of Florence guide her work, until she became known for her uniquely delicate illustrations. Inseparable from her sketchbook and pencil, Ilaria illustrates the world of fairy tales and children’s stories with a light touch, offering an innocent, dreamy view of the world to anyone who comes across her way. The saddle she designed for TA+TOO LOVE is a tribute to self-love and self-care, which she believes to be the best way to open one’s heart to others.



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