- - "Shared Territory" Bikepacking the Auzangate Mountain in Peru

“Shared Territory” Bikepacking the Auzangate Mountain in Peru

Auzangate is the latest film in the Shared Territory series that follows Justin Balog, Remi McManus and a their guides along a harrowing route conceived to circumnavigate one of the highest peaks in the Peruvian Andes

Among the many mountains in the Andes, Auzengate is one that stands out and beckons to many travelers passing through. At 20,945 feet (6,384 meters) it’s Peru’s fifth highest mountain and one of the best known peaks in the Andes. To the Indigenous pastoral society that calls the mountain home, and the Peruvians who live in the nearby city Cuzco, it’s “the guardian, the giver of life, the Apu of not only Cusco but all the communities that live in its shadow.”

Continuing their goal of connecting with others—and better understanding people and places through shared experience, Balog and McManus set out on an expedition to Auzengate with a team of Peruvians. Led by a local fortune teller, they circumnavigated the mountain to document the natural and cultural highlights they encountered along the way. 

The goal of the Shared Territory series to connect with others with the hope of better understanding the shared experiences that make us all human.

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