- - Silca Announces New Ultimate Bike Care Line

Silca Announces New Ultimate Bike Care Line

Silca has announced the launch of its new line of bike care. Integrated by four components, one for each step of the cleaning process, the Silca Bicycle Spa Collection brings the known quality of Silca products, while keeping its commitment to reducing the number of chemicals and impact on the environment

•Step 1: Ultimate Brake + Drivetrain Cleaner

•Step 2: Ultimate Bike Wash

•Step 3: Ultimate Spray Wax with Graphene

•Step 4: Ultimate Ceramic Waterless Wash and Protectant

Step 1: Ultimate Brake + Drivetrain Cleaner is a 3 minute process targeted at brake dust as well as road grime and oils. Simply spray onto brakes and drivetrain and watch the magic as the formula turns bright red, capturing and converting oils and grime as it runs off. All that with a Fireball scent. Rinse Well and you’ll be ready to apply new lube or move to step 3.

Step 2: Ultimate Bike Wash is an eco-friendly bubble bath to help remove more general dirt, drips of gel, electrolytes, and sweat (careful those already riding indoors!) from your bike.  Advanced surfactants lift dirt from all painted surfaces and encapsulate it so that it can safely be scrubbed or rinsed away without leaving micro scratches or swirl marks in the paint. Use with warm water, and scrub with sponge or soft brush, rinse with clean water. 

Step 3: Ultimate Spray Wax with Graphene, seals in the clean while adding a nano scale layer of protection to your paint. Simply spray onto microfiber towel or buff, wipe onto painted surfaces and buff to a shine, you will literally feel the difference! Avoid Brakes.

Step 4: Ultimate Ceramic Waterless Wash and Protectant, yes, Silca tends to have every part of the rider experience covered and here is where they acknowledge that many of us don’t go wash our bikes as soon as we should, and this step, the last one is meant to keep on refreshing your bike up to the point that you have to go back to Step 1 & 2. Polymeric surfactant lifts and captures dirt so that it can safely be wiped away with no risk to paint. Advances SiO2 Ceramic wax additive forms micron thick protective layer when dry. Spray onto bicycle avoiding brakes and wipe away, buff to shine.

The different products will be available in Europe by mid-November and will retail as follows:

•Step 1: Brake & Drivetrain Cleaner, 36€  

•Step 2: Bike Wash, 30€

•Step 3: Graphene Spraywash, 54€

•Step 4: Refresh Ceramic Wash, 36€





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