- - SILCA and Dario Pegoretti Partner Again with Special Edition SuperPista Pumps

SILCA and Dario Pegoretti Partner Again with Special Edition SuperPista Pumps


It’s been a couple of years since SILCA partnered with the Ipsissimus of Steel himself, Dario Pegoretti, to create a special edition run of SuperPista pumps.

However, the artisan duo recently teamed up again to create a new series of six special edition SuperPista Ultimate pumps. 

Unfortunately, just like the previous series, the pumps were sold out before one could count to 8-bars.


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SILCA is proud to introduce there newest series of SuperPista Ultimate Pumps featuring artwork by the brilliant and talented Dario Pegoretti.

These exclusive works of art are hand painted by Dario in his Italian workshop using paints and techniques of his own creation, each one is signed and dated, and must truly be seen in person to be appreciated. The average pump barrel will contain over 1000 brush strokes as well as details created using over a dozen ancient and modern techniques. There will only be 18 pumps for all of 2017, so this is a truly unique opportunity to own a piece of art created by the master himself!


Previous Pegoretti pumps have been displayed in art galleries around the world (On Display NOW at the Medien Kultur Haus
Gallery in Wels, Austria) and are sure to appreciate in value.








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