- - Silca Introduces New 3D-Printed Titanium Chisela Computer Mount

Silca Introduces New 3D-Printed Titanium Chisela Computer Mount

Silca has introduced its latest 3D-printed computer mount called the Chisela, boasting a lightweight titanium construction that weighs in at a scant 27 grams, while offering a claimed 6 to 12 times the strength over standard designs.

Taken right from the pages of the Formula 1 industry, the Chisela also takes cheating the wind into consideration, offering an aerodynamic signature that Silca claims saves 3 to 6 watts of drag thanks to its sculpted shape.

Design to support both Wahoo and Garmin computers, the Chisela also includes a removable action camera mount that attaches directly to the stem via  6/4 Ti M5 bolts.

Underneath the Chisela is a T-track style undercarriage that’s designed to lock a GoPro-esque accessory mount into place courtesy of a small tab, allowing the device to be easily removed without having to unbolt it.

However, for those who are concerned about maximum securement over rough terrain, there’s a small bolt that can be used to further secure the mount, giving gravel cyclists and bikepackers a better piece of mind. 

Featuring a durable, black Cerakote finish, the Chisela sells for $125.00.






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