- - SILCA Introduces SICURO CAPSULE, Turns SICURO CARBON Cage into a Storage Cage

SILCA Introduces SICURO CAPSULE, Turns SICURO CARBON Cage into a Storage Cage

SILCA introduces the SICURO CAPSULE, a magnetically-closing storage cage which bolts to the accessory ports on their SICURO CARBON cage, giving the gravel grinder and adventure cyclist even more storage options. 

Designed to offer unobtrusive storage for ride essentials, the thermoformed capsule is optimized for positioning below the downtube bottle, thanks to an innovative zipper-less closure to ensure functionality even when spattered with road grit. 

When closed, rare-earth magnets secure the lid, which removes completely to reveal an interior mesh pocket which secures stored items, keeping the contents safe under a variety of riding conditions and challenging terrain.  

“Effectively ‘free’ storage. The area below a seat tube water bottle and down tube water bottle is well suit for storage as it keeps the bike’s center of gravity low and sits in the dirty air wash of the spinning cranks. But unless your bike was designed with an integrated solution, options are scarce. The SICURO CAPSULE securely mounts to the bottom of the SICURO CARBON water bottle cage and features a magnetic lid to make the most of tight access. While limited in volume, the capsule will hold a road inner tube or combination of CO2, keys, and multi-tool,” says SILCA.

While the SICURO CAPSULE is small, it still requires room below the cage in order to mount it.

However, SILCA’s SICURO CARBON cage features 12mm long mounting bolt slots, offering adjustable positioning to maximize room on one’s frame.

SICURO CAPSULE Product specifications:

  • Thermoformed EVA
  • High-Strength magnetic lid attachment
  • Internal security net
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Capacity = 15.5 in3 / 255cm3 / .25L
  • MSRP $30

First introduced in fall 2018, the SICURO CARBON cage was developed through extensive testing in the lab and in the real world riding conditions.

Jumping ahead to the present, the cage has been updated to support the SICURO CAPSULE, including a new stealthy black on matte black colorway.

When first designing the SICURO CARBON cage, SILCA understood the forces at play that cause a bottle to eject, thereby designing a cage more adept at retaining bottles on gravel, trails or rough roads, while simultaneously working to make it easy to pop in your bottles without having to look down and break concentration from your ride.

The SICURO CARBON cage includes SILCA’s Premium Titanium Mounting Bolts, each machined in a single operation on a Swiss Lathe. The low-profile flange head design of the bolt distributes load more effectively than common cap screws and button head bolts for increased rigidity and lower stress.

The SICURO CARBON cage features the same elongated mounting slots as SILCA’s SICURO Ti cages, wherein the slots allow for 12mm of fore/aft adjustment in order to account for the variance in bottle boss location across different frame manufacturers. 

Lastly, the bottom of the SICURO CARBON cage contains a unique accessory mounting platform for the SECURO CAPSULE.

SICURO Carbon Specs:

  • Unidirectional Omni-ply layup
  • Exceptional bottle retention
  • Extended adjustment mounting
  • Low profile 6-4 Titanium mounting bolts
  • 26 grams w/o bolts
  • MSRP $70

You can learn more about the new SICURO CAPSULE and SICURO CARBON cage by visiting SILCA’s website here.

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