- - SILCA Launches New "Seat Capsule" Premio Saddle Bag

SILCA Launches New “Seat Capsule” Premio Saddle Bag

SILCA has launched its latest product called the Seat Capsule Premio, giving cyclists the option of a saddle bag that provides more structure and internal volume than what a regular seat roll has to offer.

According to SILCA, the Seat Capsule Premio features a high-strength thermoformed shell that creates a modular structure with two internal dividers that helps keep everything organized.

The capsule is secured to the bike using a unique BOA Closure System, which features Rail Guard for superior grip and protection of the saddle rails, along with locking YKK zipper that bisects the lower third of the bag.

SILCA says, their designer chose this low position to make it easier to access the bag while it’s still attached to the saddle, a key difference between a seat bag and a seat roll.

The Seat Capsule Premio sells for $46.00, and it can be purchased directly from SILCA here

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