- - SILCA Reprises the SuperPista Pump

SILCA Reprises the SuperPista Pump


A stalwart amongst cyclists for decades, SILCA has decided to reprise its legendary SuperPista pump. 

First introduced during the 1989 Giro d’Italia, the SuperPista features the same high-end, all-alloy construction and a lifetime warranty as SILCA’s other pumps, but at amore affordable price point.

The new SuperPista takes cues from its predecessor and updates them for the demands of modern-day wheel technology.

For example, the SuperPista now features a larger 3 inch gauge, a bleed valve that’s been incorporated into a push-on/pull-off Presta chuck, which in turn enables cyclists to fine tune air pressure.

The nuts and bolts of the new SuperPista make use of SILCA’s signature alloy suspension fork piston with high-end Igus glide bushings, along with a high quality leather gasket, as opposed to a cheap rubber one. 

Other features include, a bespoke beech wood handle and a large aluminum base with elastomer feet that keep it from marring floors. 

The SuperPista is covered by SILCA’s 25-year warranty, which covers repairing or replacement of any part, except wearables. 

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During the Giro d’Italia in 1989 SILCA introduced the SuperPista, effectively changing the definition of what a floor pump could and should be. The large wooden handle, and 50mm longer barrel could inflate tires faster with less effort, while the all metal construction carried on the SILCA ideals of lifetime rebuild-ability and durability. These original SuperPista’s are true classics, revered by their owners worldwide and sought by collectors

27 Years later, the modern SuperPista carries on the ideals of the original, while adding a significant dose of technology and additional features sure to again change perceptions about what a floor pump can and should do. The new larger, more ergonomic wood handle, 12x larger base area for ultimate stability, and 2.5x larger / 50% higher precision gauge than the original again changes the standard. The NEW SuperPista once again sets the bar and is guaranteed to become a modern classic.

  • Full Aluminum construction with full aluminum internals and brass check valve (NO plastic)
  • 75mm (3 inch) Gauge Face with ultra-high contrast printing for improved readability
  • 2% Accuracy gauge (compare to 5% industry standard) for more accurate pressures
  • 5 Axis Machined Kiln Dried Beech Wood Handle for perfect ergonomics
  • Shoe Friendly base with special elastomer feet safe for all floor surfaces
  • Full aluminum Suspension Fork Piston with IGUS Glide Rings
  • 3.5mm Thick Full-Grain leather gasket. Produced by the same vendor since 1946!
  • Thread on 7075-T6 Schrader Chuck
  • Push on-push off Presta Chuck with SILCA’s famous 242 Gasket
  • Presta Chuck Pressure Relief Valve
  • SILCA Lifetime Warranty
  • msrp $235.00





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