- - Sky Media to Bring Virtual Reality Coverage to Team Sky

Sky Media to Bring Virtual Reality Coverage to Team Sky


Sky Media announced over the weekend, that they have created an in-house unit dedicated to Virtual Reality (VR) content production called Sky VR Studio.

Sky says, its aim in using the technology, is to create a more immersive form of viewing for cycling enthusiasts, who wish to go beyond  traditional coverage in conjunction with Occulus and its Oculus Rift headset, as well as Samsung and its Gear VR.

According to Sky, unlike previous disappointing iterations of Virtual Reality, the 2016 is truly immersive.

Gary Davey, Managing Director, Content at Sky, says, “The Sky VR Studio allows us to add a new dimension to storytelling, taking viewers to extraordinary places and offering a unique perspective on a whole host of events.”

“The development of VR technology is moving at an incredible pace and excitement is building about its potential. Our expertise across a wide range of video content, from original drama to live sport, gives us a unique ability to bring VR to life for customers. This is just the start and we’re looking forward to creating more amazing VR content and exploring the possibilities with our tech and content partners.”



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