- - Sockeloen Offers the World's Fastest Cycling Socks

Sockeloen Offers the World’s Fastest Cycling Socks

Sockeloen was offering aero-geeks what they claim to be the world’s fastest cycling socks, claiming their Fastest Sock On The Planet (that’s the actual model name) requires 4.2 less watts of power to maintain a speed of 40km/h (25mph) when compared to other so-called aero socks.

How is this possible?

Sockeleon says each pair of socks is custom made for the cyclist, relying on special materials and a Ribbel (which means ‘ridged’) treatment that the Dutch brand isn’t quick to disclose too much detail on.

“The sock is measured according to the size of your foot, the length and the diameter of your calf,” says Sockeloen. “This allows us to make a sock that fits perfectly, falls within the UCI rules and never slips. In addition, we help you determine the right material based on the speed and temperature in which you want to perform.”

Want a pair?

Apparently the Fastest Sock On The Planet won’t just cheat the wind, but your wallet as well, setting customers back a whopping €1,000 for a pair. 






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