- - Speeco Unveils UCI-Legal Aero Breakaway Bar 2.0

Speeco Unveils UCI-Legal Aero Breakaway Bar 2.0

Known for its high-end components that are focussed on aerodynamics, Speeco has unveiled a revamped version of its radically-shaped Aero Breakaway Bar (ABB) aptly dubbed the Aero Breakaway Bar 2.0, which so far has passed UCI scrutiny. 

Article 1.3.012 of the UCI’s regulations states, “A bicycle shall not measure more than 185cm in length and 50cm in width overall.” The UCI also states, “Manufacturers are free to adjust the positioning of the five boxes provided that the equipment geometry respects all articles of the technical regulations and the equipment is entirely contained within the boxes and does not present any apparent dangers”. 

The first generation of Speeco’s ABB raised quite a few eyebrows back in the day thanks to its exaggerated forward extensions. However, the ABB 2.0 features a less radical design, instead focusing more on aerodynamics courtesy of its dramatic airfoil shape. Moreover, the Dutch brand points out that the new ABB is fully customizable, allowing it to be “configured to a breakaway style rider with a long reach”.

According to Speeco, the ABB is surprisingly made from AlSi10Mg alloy rather than carbon fiber for the material’s ability to “stimulate the strength and behavior for all designs without having them above their needed weight”, tipping the scales at 320 grams before customization. 

Needless to say, each ABB is custom-made to the rider’s specifications, which fetches a hefty €1000. 





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