- - SpeedX Leopard the World's First "Smart" Road Bike

SpeedX Leopard the World’s First “Smart” Road Bike


After nigh on to a year of research, the California-based SpeedX, has undertaken a crowd-funding campaign, in attempt to get its rather ambitious Leopard “smart” road bike out of the development phrase and into the hands of cycling enthusiasts.

In addition to all of the latest trappings the manufacturing side of the bike industry has to offer in terms of carbon fiber technology, to include the whole aero bike trend, what really differentiates the SpeedX Leopard from other bikes, is that is truly possesses “smart” capabilities of its own.

Indeed, contained in the Leopard’s stem, is an integrated computer, complete with a built in coaching software, called XCoach, which can track one’s cycling data in real-time with a host of metrics that include such things as speed, time, gradient, GPS, calories, cadence, heart rate, weather and power output – via its 2.4 inches screen. And, according to SpeedX, the computer’s battery can last up to 40 hours, and it only takes 30 minutes for it to fully charge.


For those who have questions about the technology and build quality behind the Leopard, SpeedX has been sure to outline the fact, that nothing short of Toray’s high end T1000 carbon fiber, along with a 207-step layup process, has been used in the fabrication of the Leopard’s frameset. Moreover, the frame has been subjected to nearly 300 production and safety tests, to ensure its strength and reliability.

In fact, SpeedX is so confident about the Leopard’s build quality, they offer a life-time guarantee on the frameset.



For early supporters of SpeedX’s Kickstarter campaign, they’re offering the Leopard in a Shimano 105 build for $1,399.00, with the option of Ultegra Di2 and carbon wheels for approximately $800.00 more.

What’s more, is SpeedX also has its own Smart Bike Fitting System, to assist customers with choosing the proper bike size.


You can learn more about the Leopard, by visiting SpeedX’s Kickstarter campaign at SpeedX.

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