- - SRAM Adds BlipGrips and BlipClamps to eTAP Groupset

SRAM Adds BlipGrips and BlipClamps to eTAP Groupset


Up until now, there was no effective way for cyclists to integrate SRAM Red eTAP’s remote Blips buttons onto the flat section of a handlebar, or worse, triathlon/TT aerobar extensions.

However, SRAM has answer that call, by offering a new series of BlipGrips and BlipClamps, which can now secure the buttons to the inside area of any 31.8 handlebar, or the extension ends of standard 22.2mm aerobar which are 65mm in length.

According to SRAM, the new grips and clamps are made from a mix of polypropylene + TPE, and they weigh in at around 57g.

The grips sell for $20 (€20/£15), and the clamps for $15/ €10/ £10. 




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