- - Stainless Steel and Shaft Drive Come Together to Create the ESO Bike

Stainless Steel and Shaft Drive Come Together to Create the ESO Bike

Traditional components like a chain, cables, gears, brake pads and paint were of no interest to the folks at ESO, who decided upon a shaft-driven drivetrain and stainless steel to create its latest cruiser bike. 

Indeed, instead of a chain or a belt drive, the ESO has a fully-enclosed shaft-drive system, relying on a single gear to propel things forward,  eliminating the need for shifters, derailleurs or any of the cables you would normally see on a bike. Moreover, instead of the traditional brakes, coaster brakes are used, ruling out brake adjustments or stopping power that can be impacted by the weather.

If that’s not enough, owners don’t have to worry about flats either, as the bike is fitted with Tannus Aither 1.1 solid tires.

Additionally, since the ESO utilizes stainless steel tubing, there’s no worry for paint chips or rust either.

As a result, ESO claim its new two-wheeler is “the world’s first truly, really maintenance-free bike that’s literally bomb-proof. It can also live outdoors, too. Its type 304 stainless steel frame is paintless, like a DeLorean or the Tesla Cybertruck. There is nothing to break, wear out, deflate, or stretch. Just pure, clean design, to get you riding with total peace of mind.”

The ESO Bike weighs 29 pounds (13 kg) and only comes in a size 56cm frame, which the designers say can fit a range of riders from 5’6″ to 6’2″ (168 to 188 cm).

Early-backers on KickStarter can snag the ESO for $1,400, a small discount from the retail price of $1,500. But, it will only go into production if  the funding goal is met. 




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