- - Amplifon Can Turn Your Strava Segments into Music Tracks

Amplifon Can Turn Your Strava Segments into Music Tracks


According to the music service Amplifon, your rides can now be turned into music, using your speed, altitude and distance data – with its newly launched Cycle Tracks System. 

According to Amplifon, one’s ride data is imported into their Cycle Tracks platform via Strava’s application program interface (API). And, from there, the music sets the tempo, wherein, “long rides will result in longer music, fast rides result in faster music, and rides at higher altitudes will include higher pitch,” says Amplifon

“Other additional elements are utilized in the music to reflect and enhance your ride experience. Breathing sounds speed up and slow down in time with your velocity, long synth notes rise and fall to reflect your altitude data and wind sounds increase as your velocity increases.”

“Listening to the music playback generated by one’s ride, will allow you to identify changes in your speed and whether you are climbing a hill, or descending as the music changes.”

More details about Cycle Tracks can be found on Amplifon’s website at

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