- - State Bicycle Launches Carbon All-Road, Revamps Entire Gravel Range

State Bicycle Launches Carbon All-Road, Revamps Entire Gravel Range

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In January of 2023, State Bicycle Co. shook things up with its first carbon road frameset, and they carry the momentum with their all-new Carbon All-Road / Gravel option – priced for the people.

Checking all the boxes one expects for a modern gravel bike, the SBC Carbon All-Road will be available as a frameset or complete with a choice of either State’s in-house groupset or customers can upgrade to the recently announced SRAM Apex AXS group. The ability to upgrade to the Apex AXS group will also be extended to the entire line of All-road bikes for those that want to enjoy the convenience of electronic shifting on an aluminum or steel frame.

State Bicycle Co. has always been dedicated to accessibility and affordability within the world of cycling; this is proven with consistent growth in many different disciplines of the sport. Gravel is an undeniable force and continues to be the fastest-growing segment within the industry – State Bicycle is happy to move this trend forward with many new products entering their already superb all-road offerings. From the average weekend warrior to the seasoned professional, State Bicycle Co offers competitive bikes, components, and accessories for everyone to get out and explore without a financial sacrifice. ​

State Bicycle Co. Carbon All-Road

Introducing the State Bicycle Co. Carbon All-Road, the ultimate companion for those seeking a versatile ride that effortlessly tackles any terrain. Meticulously crafted through extensive research and development, the Carbon All-Road caters to riders who crave a lightweight and responsive experience across diverse disciplines.

Ridden and tested by the State Bicycle Co. team, this bike is lightweight enough to hang on a road ride and sturdy enough for trans-American bike-packing adventures


  • MSRP: Starting at $1999.99
  • Lightweight: built on a durable, 2 ½ lb frame T800 carbon frame
  • Versatile; ​ 650b and 700c wheelset options with 700x45c or 650×55 tire clearances
  • Mounting points galore – on top tube, down tube, fork, and rear allow you to gear up for any adventure
  • Affordable – The State Bicycle Co. Carbon All-Road is one of the best values you can get for a carbon gravel bike.
  • 2 Stunning Colorways

Purpose-built with adventure in mind, the Carbon All-Road is a testament to high-performance gravel biking. Constructed from T800 carbon fiber, this masterpiece strikes the optimal combination of low weight and unparalleled strength, ensuring exceptional performance on gravel surfaces. We offer a variety of wheel builds to suit your riding preferences, and the frameset is compatible with both 650b and 700c wheelsets, boasting impressive clearances of 55mm and 45mm, respectively.

Equipped with a dropped chainstay, the Carbon All-Road delivers agile performance on rugged gravel terrains. Mudguard and pannier mounts provide you with the freedom to ride anywhere, anytime, thanks to its adaptability and versatility. Get ready to conquer uncharted territories and redefine what’s rideable with this rugged and dependable gravel bike, designed to kick up dust and leave your mark on every adventure.

State Bicycle Co. is excited to offer an epic carbon-fiber gravel bike that delivers uncompromising performance without breaking the bank. With the ability to accommodate both 700c and 650b tires, the Carbon All-Road offers ample clearance and the option to install up to three water bottle mounts and racks in the front and rear, providing unrivaled versatility.

6061 All-Road – Apex XPLR AXS ​The Most Affordable SRAM AXS Bike Available

Choose Your Adventure

6061 All-Road AXS (aluminum w/ carbon fork) bikes are outfitted with premium tire selections from Vittoria. ​ The 700c models feature the speedy Vittoria Terreno Zero (tubeless) in a 38c size. Riders may opt for a beefier tire, with the 650b wheels for more challenging terrain – which feature the Vittoria Terreno Dry (47c).

More Bang, Less Buck

State Bicycle Co. continues its mission to make riding more accessible and attractive to riders of all budgets. The 6061 All-Road Apex XPLR AXS may be the lowest-priced electronic shifting bike on the market. The performance-oriented 6061 All-Road still boasts a great value at $2399.99. Riders looking to get a little more out of their All-Road bikes will most appreciate the snappy electronic shifting, increased braking performance, and the endless upgradability of the SRAM’s mix-and-match AXS system, over the “stock” All-Road bikes. A new way to “Explore Your State” with a few more bells and whistles without breaking the bank


  • 6061 Black Label All-Road Apex XPLR AXS
    • MSRP: $2399.99
    • Frame & Fork: 6061 Aluminum with Carbon Fork
    • Drivetrain & Brakes: Full SRAM Apex XPLR AXS (wireless electronic)
    • Battery & Charger: Included
    • Wheels & Tires:
      • 700c: Tubeless Capable 700c Wheel Set w/ ​ Vittoria Terreno Zero 38C
      • 650b: Tubeless Capable 650b Wheel Set w/ ​ Vittoria Terreno Dry 47c

Apex XPLR Details:


  • All-Road XPLR AXS is the perfect choice for riders who want to add a little dirt to their daily rides. With its 440% range and optimized shift features, this cassette provides smooth gear progression when you’re sweating up gravel climbs, and tight jumps on the high end for when it’s time to drill it on asphalt.

Electronic Precision

  • Looking for a derailleur that can do it all? Look no further than the XPLR AXS. With wireless and eTap shift logic, advanced chain management, and AXS connectivity, this derailleur will have you shifting gears with ease on whatever terrain you choose to ride. Whether you’re hitting the pavement or exploring some singletrack trails, the XPLR AXS is up for the challenge.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • SRAM Apex XPLR AXS provides the best braking experience for all riders. Sure, there’s power when you need it, but the pinpoint control and reach adjustability for different hand sizes set our brakes apart. The upgraded hydraulic brakes on the new bikes will give riders peace of mind when traversing the most challenging terrain.

6061 All-Road Gets New Brakes, Compressionless Cable Housing, and Clutched Rear Derailleur Without a Price Change

The 6061 All-Road bikes are rolling out with two fresh color options while receiving major component upgrades in the form of an all-new clutched rear derailleur and improved hybrid-hydraulic brakes. The 6061 All-Road was already a shining example of a competitive do-it-all bike, but this summer, it becomes THE standard of an affordable and highly versatile gravel bike.

The best value in gravel riding just got better. The 6061 All-Road is getting impressive upgrades in 2023 with all-new Hydro-mechanical Brakes (cable-actuated hydraulic) and compressionless brake housing to enhance braking modulation and heat management for long descents. The NEW rear derailleur with an internally adjustable clutch will keep the chain in place even when things get extra rowdy! Along with the mechanical updates, we’ve added two new striking colorways. The highly requested Copper Brown colorway is back, and we’ve added Matte-Olive for 2023. The best-value gravel and touring bike just got that much better – with $0 price increases to our riders and dealers. 

About the 6061 All-Road:

Two Words: Speed and Versatility: High performance on and off-road! Make it 2-bikes-in-1 by selecting “both” as your wheelset choice, and they will send you a 2nd pair of wheels, tires, tubes, rotors, and cassettes for easy back-and-forth switching between 700c / 650b. Now featuring cable-actuated hydraulic brake calipers and rear derailleur with enhanced clutch

The 6061 Black Label All-Road offers a race-ready gravel machine at an accessible price. Featuring a rugged 6061 aluminum frame w/ lightweight carbon fiber fork w/ plenty of clearance, the choice wheels (thru-axle): 700c with “slick” tires or 650b with knobby tires, an 11speed drive-train, and disc brakes. This is one of the most versatile bikes you’ll find! Make it 2-bikes-in-1 by selecting “both” as your wheelset choice, and get a 2nd pair of wheels, tires, tubes, rotors, and cassettes for easy back-and-forth switching between 700c / 650b.


MSRP: $1399

  • FRAME:  6061 Aluminum w/ Thru-Axle Dropouts (142mm spacing)
    • Size XS: Rider Height Recommendation: 5’3″ to 5’7″ 
    • Size S: Rider Height Recommendation:5’6″ to 5’10” 
    • Size M: Rider Height Recommendation: 5’9″ to 6’1″ 
    • Size L: Rider Height Recommendation: 6’0″ to 6’3″
  • FORK: Carbon Fiber w/ Thru-Axle Dropouts (100mm spacing)
  • WHEELSET: ​ 
    • 700c: Tubeless Capable 700c Wheel Set w/ ​ Vittoria Terreno Zero Tires 38C
    • 650b: Tubeless Capable 650b Wheel Set w/ ​ Vittoria Terreno Dry Tires 47c
    • Both: Get both wheels with additional tires, tubes, cassettes, and rotors. Everything you need to switch back and forth in minutes! 
  • HANDLEBARS: ​ State Bicycle Co. All-Road 1 Bars
  • BRAKES: ​ *NEW* State Bicycle Co. Hydro-Mechanical Calipers (Cable Actuated Hydraulic) w/ 160MM Rotors (6-Bolt)
  • DRIVE TRAIN: ​ State Bicycle Co. All-Road 1 (1×11 Drive Train)
    • Crank – State Bicycle Co. All-Road 1 (42t) 
    • Cassette – 11-42t
    • State Bicycle Co. All-Road 1 Rear Derailleur Version 2.0 with internally adjustable clutch
  • PEDALS: Not Included
  • Max Recommended Tire Size:  53c or 2.1″ x 650b & 45c x 700c ​ (sizes of up to 2.3″x650b have been fitted by riders; however, fitment varies on wheels used, brand of tires, and other factors)
  • Want to get technical? Full Geo / Specs available here.

Gearing up for an epic adventure?

Upgrade your 6061 All Road with the SBC Carbon Fiber “Monster Fork.” This fork is designed explicitly for self-supported tours and races where carrying more water and gear is necessary. The Monster Fork has the same disc brake flat mounts and thru-axle dropouts to interchange wheels. The fork also features “3-pack” mounts for racks, water bottles, and accessory cages on each blade. The Monster Fork also has fender mounts and a crown mount for racks or dynamo lights. Priced at $299.99, you can upgrade and swap the Monster Fork when ordering the 6061 All Road for ONLY an additional $189.99!


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