- - Strava Adds New "Local Legends" Classification

Strava Adds New “Local Legends” Classification

Strava has added a new option to its app called Local Legends, which recognizes riders for their consistency.

For instance, Strava will now reward riders who ride a segment more than anyone else during a 90-day period by bestowing a laurel the icon upon the top male and female participants.

Currently, the Local Legends can only be viewed on the Strava mobile app in seven states. The full website functionality is expected to be added by mid-July.

Just like KOM/QOM and other time-based icons and notifications, the Local Legends will display in the rider’s activity feed in the ride details page, as well as in the segments section.

Unlike the KOM/QOM rankings that are based on all-time best efforts, Local Legends has a 90-day window, wherein rides that are older than 90 days get dropped from the count. Moreover, private activities don’t count towards and will not show up on Local Legends.

Another difference from the time-based competitions is that Local Legends’ leaderboards only show the single name at the top, along with just a numeric ranking of how the rider compares with others.

The seven states that Local Legends is currently available in are CA, CO, FL, IL, NJ, NY, and TX), while the U.K, France, Spain, Germany, Brazil and Japan will see the new feature in July.

Strava said the phased roll-out was designed so its team could iterate and improve upon the new function.

How it Works

The segment details page on the Strava mobile app will display a Local Legend section listing the leading athlete. Strava subscribers can tap on this section to see how your efforts compare to the current LCL, overall efforts, and women’s efforts.

To earn the Local Legend achievement, you must match to the segment more times than any other athlete in the past 90 days. 

  • Efforts older than 90 days will be removed from the overall effort count. 
  • You can become the LCL regardless of your pace or speed recorded on the segment.
  • Only activities visible to “Everyone” will count towards your efforts. Learn more about activity privacy controls here.

You will receive a Local Legends “Laurel” crown icon next to the segment on your activity page as well as on the segment details page. These achievements will be listed in your local legend tab on the mobile app. To view them, select Profile > Segments > Local Legends.


Why don’t I see Local Legends on a segment? Can it be added?

Currently, Local Legends is only available for select segments. There’s no way to add Local Legends to a segment that doesn’t already have it, depending on popularity and engagement segments may be added over time as we continue to improve this feature.






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