- - Strava Launches New “Fitness” and “Perceived Exertion” Features

Strava Launches New “Fitness” and “Perceived Exertion” Features

Strava has announced two new features available on its mobile app called Fitness and Perceived Exertion, giving cyclists additional training and analysis tools to pursue your goals and avoid overtraining.

Fitness is a new analysis tool aimed at helping cyclists understand how workouts are adding up over time, wherein a daily Fitness Score is charted on a graph to provide a high-level view of individual fitness trends over time, and cyclists can zoom out to analyze their fitness trends over one-month, three-month, six-month, one-year and two-year periods.

Perceived Exertion allows cyclists to manually note how intense a ride felt on a scale of 1 to 10. This new metric serves as a reliable substitute for heart rate for tracking effort over time. Whether   cyclists train with or without a device or heart rate monitor, they can now capture their effort and track their Fitness Score over time. Perceived Exertion is available for all cyclists using Strava’s iOS and Android mobile apps.

Strava is committed to helping the world’s athletes stay active and better track their progress over time. Summit continues to offer the best training and analysis tools to pursue your goals and avoid overtraining,” says James Quarles, Strava CEO.

“These features are great ways for an athlete to capture their effort and take a look at patterns over time so they can see how they’re progressing. Whether you’re an athlete training to PR a marathon or just want to run or ride a few times a week to stay fit, Fitness and Perceived Exertion can help motivate you to get out the door and go,” says endurance coach and scientist Megan Roche, M.D.

Fitness and a full spectrum of training, analysis and safety features that guide athletes to their personal bests are available with a Strava Summit subscription for just $59.99 per year.

Download Strava for iOS and Android now, and upgrade to Strava Summit to customize your experience and enjoy added features. For more information visit

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