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Suplest Swiss Cycling Shoes

While we strive to cull new and interesting products in the cycling world, once and awhile a brand falls completely outside of our radar.

And, despite being the cycling shoe of choice for BMC ‘s Stefan Küng, and fixed gear fascination, Patrick Seabase, along with others, until now, the Suplest brand remained unfamiliar to us.

Founded in Berne, Switzerland, the brand’s founders, Robert Gehrig and Daniel Balmer, make certain to emphasize their roots, by espousing the virtues of Swiss ingenuity and design throughout their range of shoes. 

Their newly launched Edge/3 represent’s Suplest’s flagship road shoe, which boasts such features as a double-BOA retention system, the finest Japanese microfiber for the upper and a full carbon, low profile outer-sole.  

However, above and beyond function, perhaps the shoe’s greatest appeal, is its undeniable Swiss look and feel. Think Assos.

It remains to be seen if Suplast will ever make it to these shoes, but we sure hope so. Dig !

“Suplest was founded in Berne, Switzerland in the year 2007 by Robert Gehrig and Daniel Balmer. Both are shoe loving passionate cyclists. Everything we do is driven by our passion for cycling, with the belief that our shoe experience brings cycling shoes to the next level. We are totally dedicated to our brand trying out new things in our creative lab.”

“Eddy, the bear is part of suplest. He embodies our roots – the Canton Berne. The bear also stands for strength, will, power and endurance. The only thing we don’t share with our bear is hibernation.”

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