- - T47 to Become the New Bottom Bracket Industry Standard?

T47 to Become the New Bottom Bracket Industry Standard?

We’ve watched the approach to bottom bracket design and its associated hardware, go up and down like a toilet seat over the years.

First, there were no more bottom bracket internals, rather just out-board cups and cranksets with integrated axles that were designed support the brunt of the structural force. 

Later, came a patch-work quilt of various and sundry frame designs that did away with the need for a bottom bracket all together, instead utilizing a press fit design. 

As a result, frame manufacturers began altering the size of the bottom bracket shell on their frames, in search of the strongest and most rigid design. And, at one point, the digits following the prefixes PF or BB, relative to frame specifications, started to look like the numbers on a bingo card.  

While in theory, the press-fit bottom bracket has tremendous merit, both in terms of performance and structural frame design, tolerances and precise fit have continued to plague the approach. 

Indeed, while some frames provide a seamless integration between crankset and couplings, others can be rife with squeaking and creaking. 

Giving credit where credit is due, Argonaut Cycles decided to set-out and do something about it.  

After teaming up with renown component maker, Chris King, the duo came up with a new approach to solving the woes of poor bottom bracket interface, with the T47 design – something that may indeed revolutionize the industry

The video below explains it better than any voluminous description that we can provide.  

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