- - Tacx Launches NEO Smart Direct Drive Trainer

Tacx Launches NEO Smart Direct Drive Trainer

Tacx unveiled its new NEO Smart direct driver trainer, marking the Swiss brand’s “most quiet and realistic road feel” model to date.

The Neo Smart utilizes a direct mount design, wherein the cassette is mounted to the trainer’s free hub, so there’s no rear wheel involved. 

However, instead of using a heavy flywheel design, the NEO uses a virtual flywheel, which relies upon electronics to control the resistance.

The streamline, futuristic trainer houses a motor that has no fewer than 32 Neodymium magnets that rotate around 30 coils, whereby control of the current passing through the coils adjusts the resistance. The larger the magnetic force, the higher the braking power. It’s very similar, to say, an electronic brake.

According to Tacx, this results in a more realistic road feel and quieter operation, while the NEO can handle up to 2,200W of power input, and simulate gradients up to 25%. 

With ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart compatibility the Neo Smart can be paired with speed, cadence and heart rate sensors, and easily be synced with a smartphone, tablet or computer, which allows users to easily control the resistance.

Another feature of the NEO, is that it can be used with or without main power.

Tacx says, the NEO will be available in September, with an MSRP of around $1500.00.

From Tacx

The NEO Smart offers the best in power and intelligence and is the quietest indoor trainer currently available on the market.

The lack of any physical transmissions means this is the first true direct drive. Road feel is simulated in a highly realistic manner, there is no loss of power. The powerful motor is able to apply resistance up to 2200 Watt and simulate slopes realistically up to 25%. It also speeds up during descents. This ensures the most realistic cycling experience, also during climbs.

The lack of any physical transmission, and in turn any parts that could rattle or rub against each other, ensures this trainer is extremely quiet. In addition, this trainer requires no calibration and suffers no wear and tear. Just like other Smart trainers, the NEO communicates using ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart, allowing it to be connected quickly and easily with Tacx apps. Performance data can be viewed on several devices simultaneously, including your smartphone, bike computer and sports watch. Furthermore, the Tacx NEO features Plug in/Plug out technology and can therefore be used with and without a plug. When the plug is not in use, the trainer will act as a wireless motor brake. This means the trainer will be not be able to speed up during descents. The NEO represents the ultimate in ease of use.

-Software Tacx apps
-Operation Automatic
-Resistance unit Direct drive
-Realistic slope 25% 1
-Descent simulation To -5%
-Max brake power (10 sec.) 2200 Watt
-Mass inertia 125 kg 2
-Compatibility Shimano, SRAM & Campagnolo; 10 & 11 speed

Connect to Windows PC

Do you own a NEO Smart and are you looking to get more out of your trainings than the Tacx apps can provide? You can achieve this by connecting your trainer to your computer. That way, you can train using the Tacx Trainer Software 4, Advanced.

Instead of your tablet or smartphone, your computer is used to regulate your resistance and read out your performance data. For example, the computer software offers longer video’s in HD or Blu-Ray quality. While riding, the resistance on your rear wheel is adjusted automatically when the slope increases or decreases.

To connect the NEO Smart to your Windows computer, the Upgrade Smart is required. This package contains the Tacx Trainer software 4, Advanced, a control box to mount on your handlebar and the ANT+ Antenna.

Stand-alone training

When the NEO Smart isn’t connected to a smartphone, tablet or computer, it behaves as a fluid trainer. This means the trainer behaves progressively: when your speed increases, the resistance increases as well. So it is possible to use this trainer in a “stand-alone” status.

Since the NEO is not necessariliy hooked up to the power net, you can use this trainer anytime and anywhere. Even when you don’t have your smartphone with you.

ANT+ Open protocol

As of 2015, the resistance of Tacx Smart trainers can be controlled using software developed by third parties, including Kinomap, TrainerRoad, Zwift and BKool. Do you have a Smart trainer that is not equipped with this language yet? Then download the free Utility app now.

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