- - Team Rwanda to Tour the USA as Ambassadors of Cycling for Africa

Team Rwanda to Tour the USA as Ambassadors of Cycling for Africa


Team Rwanda Cycling is coming to California in July, with not only the goal of increasing their training skills as a professional cycling team, but perhaps just as importantly, as ambassadors to further spread the word about cycling advocacy for Africa and its regions.

For many parts of Africa, the bike has become both a symbol of unity, as well as instrument of good-will, bringing opportunity and relief to an area of the world wrought with violence and oppression.

Through advocacy programs such as Team Africa Rising, the discovery of the bike, has meant new found opportunities for many talented cyclists to rise up out of abject living conditions, and find new meaning in life through the spirit of sportsmanship and competitive aim.

In addition, the spread of the bike throughout Rwanda and its lying areas, has also served to provide impoverished communities with a greater sense of mobility and freedom to ease every-day life, while also prospering the lives of young children with opportunities for exercise and adventure.

As ambassadors of hope and change, Team Rwanda Cycling is seeking to raise enough money to visit our shores, and continue to spread its message using the bike and cycling as its instruments of good-will.

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Team Rwanda Cycling will spend the month of July racing in the US, primarily in California, gaining vital experience not only on the bike but also off the bike as ambassadors for their country. With your help, the team will be going to America to strengthen their technical and tactical skills on the cycling circuit. This racing and training will give them the ability to compete at the top professional level in Europe and America.

This experience will also provide income opportunities for the cyclists and provide for their families. As Ambassadors to Rwanda they will reflect an image of what Rwanda is today. All of these cyclists have been impacted to some extent by the 1994 Genocide and cycling has given them hope for a new future.

This is where we need your help….

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