- - “The Balkans Mirage: A Journey on Wheels” : Bikepacking the Balkans

“The Balkans Mirage: A Journey on Wheels” : Bikepacking the Balkans

The Balkans Mirage: A Journey on Wheels is a fresh new film documenting four friends’ ride through the Balkans-a geographical area in southeastern Europe known for its stunning vistas, great riding, history, and bridges—lots of bridges. The 11-minute film follows the four fictionalized characters as they pedal 1,250 kilometers through Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Greece. 

Weaving in comedy and scripted scenarios, The Balkans Mirage has an inextricably Wes Anderson and art house cinema vibe, which offers a fresh twist on the now too familiar adventure cycling travelogue. Producer Felix Burke summed it up: “With the adventure film recipe becoming somewhat classic, we saw it as a challenge to try something different. It was an exciting prospect, trying to push the envelope of what can be considered an adventure film. The making of The Balkans Mirage certainly held its fair share of challenges, but in the end, we are more than pleased with the result, Nicolas did an amazing job. With its distinct style and fresh approach to the genre, we hope people will enjoy the film!”

The film was presented by 7mesh, directed by Nicolas Bellavance, and produced by Felix Burke. Here’s what director Nicolas Bellavance had to say about its making: “The Balkans Mirage is a labor of love that took months to plan and execute. We wanted to create an outdoor movie like no one has ever seen before. Hopefully the public will be able to recognize the style and identify where the inspiration comes from; a fictional approach, a witty narration, and a cinematography style much composed of symmetrical shots and tableau-like compositions.”


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