- - The GEOPRESS Water Purifier

The GEOPRESS Water Purifier

Ideal for the bikepacker and gravel cyclist, GRAYL has launched a new water purification device called the GEOPRESS, which the Seattle-based company is calling the “next generation purifier”.

According to GRAYL, the GEOPRESS is designed to purify 24 ounces of water in just eight-seconds, nearly twice as fast as any other purifier.

“Unrivaled in speed, ease-of-use and versatility, GEOPRESS provides complete protection from all waterborne pathogens (virus, bacteria, protozoan cysts) plus chemicals, heavy metals, and even microplastics. Designed for use anywhere on the planet, GEOPRESS requires no setup time, and makes clean, safe drinking water from hotel sinks, sketchy spigots, or jungle rivers. Simply fill, press, drink”, says GRAYL.

The GEOPRESS utilizes GRAYL’s patented SimpleVent cap, which allows air to escape during the purification process in order to protect against cross-contamination, while the company’s SoftPress pads and TopoGrip provide ideal ergonomic grip and prevents slipping during the process as well.

The GEOPRESS retails for $89.95 and is available in four colors, Alpine White, Camo Black, Coyote Amber and Visibility Orange.

GRAYL has currently undertaken a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter, offering special incentives for early backers. 

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