- - The Hövding Airbag Helmet Gets Updated BOA Dial

The Hövding Airbag Helmet Gets Updated BOA Dial

The Hövding airbag/helmet has earned itself lots of attention from the cycling media over the years, with each iteration both perfecting and simplifying the Swedish brand’s design. 

The Hövding was previously offered in three sizes in order to accommodate a wide-range of cyclists. However, the latest version called the Hövding3 features an updated BOA dial system, making sizing a universal fit for all riders. 

Another addition to the Hövding3, is the development of its own dedicated app, which can monitor how much is left to its 15-hour battery charge, along with the ability to call emergency contacts in the event of a collision thanks to the company’s new ICE (In Case of Emergency) function. Moreover, the Hövding3 can also keep track of the cyclist’s ride data such as speed and distance, as well as provide route mapping.

The Hövding3 sells for £249, which can be purchased directly for their site.

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Today Hövding is rated the world’s safest means of head protection for cyclists. Creating a helmet that everyone would want to use had an unexpected but welcome result. According to Stanford University, the unique airbag system provides up to 8x better protection than traditional bicycle helmets. No wonder Hövding made such an impact on the market.

More than 150 000 of our airbags for cyclists have been sold in over 15 countries. And since 2006, Hövding has grown from two people with a good idea to a listed company that manages everything from development and product production to marketing and sales. Now we have more than 40 employees with a wide range of skills and expertise, but that hasn’t slowed us down in the least.

As technology advances, we continue to improve and renew our product. These efforts gave life to a new product generation hitting the market in autumn 2019. Hövding 3 is still the world’s safest head protection — and now it’s connected as well. This enables it to automatically alert loved ones in the event of an accident.


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