- - The "LOOP" Concept Bike by Gaëtan Francq Studio

The “LOOP” Concept Bike by Gaëtan Francq Studio

The latest far-flung bike design to liven-up the world of urban-mobility, is the LOOP by Gaëtan Francq Studio.

The studio took a unique approach to designing the LOOP, which features an aluminum main-frame that twists around what’s ostensibly the bike’s seattube, relying on a process of thermal hardening and epoxy paint to ensure the bold construction remains strong and durable.

“Light and easy to handle, the LOOP is built for the urban jungle,” says Gaëtan Francq Studio. The powerful brake system «wilwood» and its 26 inches wheels have a great part in making it performing and safe due to quick reactivity. in order to help you find the right way.”

Other features that highlight the LOOP include a specially designed handlebar with a built-in GPS computer and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a storage compartment that’s perfect for a water bottle or small objects.

However, above and beyond the LOOP’s obvious aesthetic and functional attributes, what perhaps makes it most unique is the bike’s modular design, allowing it to be easily dismantled.

“Beneath its unique look, the LOOP is easily dismantled thanks to its exclusive parts created and developed around its main body: the frame. each part is made of an aluminum’s alloy and has been carefully designed to optimize lightness. There is no welding, no brazing and this makes the bike easy to customize and durable over time. Everything can be screwed in or unscrewed, it’s child’s play!,” explains the studio.

It will be interesting to see if the LOOP ever leaps from the drawing board and makes its way onto the urban landscape. 





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