- - "The Memorials of European Cycle Racing Legends"

“The Memorials of European Cycle Racing Legends”

9780993354403 (571x800)(1)

A new book from authors Lynn Eddie and Charles Eddie chronicles the luminaries of the cycling world, from the first ever recorded race, right up until modern day heroes of the sport. 

The book spans some 300 pages, and features more than 1200 historical photos.  


A directory of monuments, statues, memorials, plaques, signs etc of European cycle racers from the whole history of the sport, from James Moore the winner of the first ever recorded cycle race right up to modern day stars. It covers 200 riders from Joaquim Agostinho to Joop Zoetemelk. The book contains over 1200 color photographs from over a 1000 sites in 12 countries and has the GPS position of nearly every site.

– Hardcover: 288 pages
– Publisher: Charles Eddie (September 23, 2015)
– ISBN-10: 0993354408
– ISBN-13: 978-0993354403

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