- - The NOHrD Bike Brings an Artisan Flair to Indoor Cycling

The NOHrD Bike Brings an Artisan Flair to Indoor Cycling

Thanks to its elegant design and use of organic materials, the NOHrD bike brings an artisan flair to indoor cycling.

The NOHrD features an advanced planetary gearing system, alongside a solid wood and steel frame, providing users with a wide-range of resistance with plenty of stability.

For those who are driven by data, the NOHrD has its own dedicated app that works with both iOS and Android devices that can deliver  performance metrics to compatible smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth.

Ergonomics for the NOHrD are simple and straightforward, relying on an extendable handlebar and seatpost that are easily adjusted to fit a wide range of riders between 5’3 to 6’5 (160cm – 200cm).

Easy to store, the 132 pound NOHrD takes up less than 5 square feet. Moreover, the bike can be easily moved back and forth into place courtesy of rubber rollers that are attached to the base. 

The price of the NOHrD ranges from € 2,495 to € 3,295 depending on the type of wood selected. 

You can learn more about the NOHrD by visiting the company’s website here.


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