- - The Postmiibike Cargo Bike is a Solar-Powered Mobile Photo-Booth

The Postmiibike Cargo Bike is a Solar-Powered Mobile Photo-Booth

With all the self-promotion associated with social media these days, not to mention the proliferation of the so-called selfie, why not create a bike complete with its own mobile photo-booth that can capture memorable moments for passersby and tourists alike? 

Thus was created the Postmiibike, a solar-powered cargo bike that can print and send postcards for visitors and wayfarers wanting to send their Wish you Where Here thoughts.

According to the French start-up, the way it works is simple, if the person(s) is happy with the photo, the Postmiibike can either print the image on-demand, or have the customer fill out a card and drop it in the mailbox for same-day mailing. Moreover, the company says it can even stamp and send the postcard, so the customer won’t have to schlep to the nearest foreign post office. 

Additionally, the postcards have an augmented reality feature, which can be viewed by the receiver through a proprietary app.

Postmii is currently involved in a crowd-funding campaign on Indeigogo, hoping to get more Postmiibikes in places near you where tourists flock to.  

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