- - "The Road Book" 2021 is Out

“The Road Book” 2021 is Out

Born in 2018, The Road Book is the first of its kind, supplying data from every single World Tour race across the Men’s and Women’s calendar, exclusive essays, editorial from leading figures within cycling, team profiles, and the kind of considered editorial our readers will dip in and out of for years to come.

Four years ago, a team of dedicated enthusiasts took over the gargantuan task of delivering an annual publication, 7 days after the final race of any given season. The result is the only comprehensive review of the cycling season. Beautifully put together with care and flare.

Cumulatively to date, we have delivered nearly 3000 pages of in-depth race reports, exclusive essays, team profiles, infographics and much more that have honored the season past. This deep dive into the cycling calendar and its history is truly the love letter that the sport has long deserved and craved for.

Now in its fourth year, The Road Book 2021 recounts in full the second successive season that the world of cycling was rocked by the destructive nature of COVID-19. Through hardship to the stars, this year’s edition shines a light on the riders, races and fans of the sport who through endurance have created some of the most pulsating and emotional moments of racing history.

“2021 wasn’t really supposed to be like this. Even though the populations of the world were warned repeatedly and severally by those who have studied the consequences and effects of pandemics that we would be living with the aftershocks of COVID-19 for years to come, the unsilencable optimist within us all refused to embrace the reality of their prognosis. The trauma of 2020 could not possibly be repeated, or so we believed,” Ned Boulting, Editor.

The Road Book provides any fan of the sport the ultimate chronicle that is truly unique and pays tribute to a year like no other.

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