- - The Ventoux Hybrid Concept Helmet by Jean-Baptiste Petricoul

The Ventoux Hybrid Concept Helmet by Jean-Baptiste Petricoul

With rider safety being paramount, the Ventoux Hybrid concept helmet by Jean-Baptiste Petricoul hopes to bridge the gap between comfort and protection, offering cyclists both face and head protection in a unique and innovative design.

The Ventoux Hybrid achieves this via a series of unique features such as an extended rear section that’s design to provide protection to the back of the head, polarized lenses to protect the cyclist’s eyes, and perhaps most importantly, a chin strap that provides lower impact protection without compromising comfort or visibility.

Additionally, the Ventoux Hybrid comprises a hard-outer shell that features excellent airflow, along with a soft, padded liner and a mesh guard for the optimal comfort and ventilation.

“This helmet is made to correspond to several uses and offers the best facial protection in every situation and every environment. The main problem with the actual product is the rotation of the helmet around the strap attach under the chin during frontal impacts on the ground. This rotation uncovers face and forehead which concentrate most of the injuries,” says Petricoul.

It will be interesting to see if the Ventoux Hybrid ever leaps from the drawing board and onto the heads of cyclists.

But for now, it remains just a concept. 

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