- - Time Sport Considering Merger with Rossignol

Time Sport Considering Merger with Rossignol

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Time Sport in France announced today, that its entered into negotiations with the French ski brand, Rossignol, regarding a possible merger of the two French brands.  

Since the untimely death of company’s founder and president, Rolland Cattin, in October of 2014, Time has kept open the possibility of bringing in a strategic partner to assist with the expansion of its management and marketing teams.

Mr. Cattin’s daughter, Julia, took over as Time’s president earlier this year, and she has since maintained a very active and visible role in the company’s management, production and global sales force.    

Headquartered in Vaulx-Milieu, France, Time continues to manufacture all of its products in-house at their facility Varennes Vauzelles, putting production in close proximity to Rossignol, which is located just miles away in the Isère region.  

Time views the proposed partnership, as having tremendous potential for both companies to pool and their know-how and resources to expand upon the commercial successes of both brands – globally. 

“In 30 years, our family company has built a strong identity, anchored in France, a reputation for excellence and a passion which we find at Rossignol. Our teams know that with the Rossignol Group, we will be in the very best of hands to look toward the future with confidence and conquer new markets with every possible asset”, said Ms. Caittin. 

“Strongly geared toward export (55 percent of Time’s production is intended for export, 75 percent for Rossignol), Time will benefit from the commercial strength of the Rossignol Group, of its marketing know-how and its industrial and R&D investment capabilities,” Rossignol’s CEO Bruno Cerley said.

“Our joint venture seems like an obvious step, due to our numerous commonalities, our natural complementarity and our similar business philosophies. Our teams are excited to contribute to the development of such a prestigious brand. The acquisition project of Time is fully in line with our ambition to develop in complementary sectors, contribute to the de-seasonalizing of our primary business while diversifying our product lines with the same standard of quality,” Cerley added

Time currently employs 120 people and posted sales of nearly 12 million euros ($12.7 million) last year. 

According to Time’s brand manager for the eastern part of the USA, Gilles Lalonde, “the potential merger with Rossignol could provide the company with a boost in financial backing and marketing to increase production and sales, while also allowing the iconic French brand to maintain a homogenous stewardship over its products.”

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