- - "Tramontana": A Bikepacking Film Short

“Tramontana”: A Bikepacking Film Short


Tramontana is the latest short film by Montanus, a bikepacking project out of Abruzzo, Italy. The film is one-half expedition and one-half introspective dreamscape. Feel the cold darkness, hear the crackle of the fire, and then learn how they made the film as well as the DIY portable woodstove that takes center stage.


Tramontana [tramonˈtaːna] it’s a cold and dry wind blowing from the north Europe towards Italy, carrying snow and frigid temperature. In ancient times the Latin word trānsmontānus (trāns- + montānus) indicated what was beyond the mountains, unknown, barbaric and dangerous.

Tramontana is a journey through human ancestral fears and primordial virtues of the fire, the natural element that, since the dawn of time, allowed it to defeat the dark, the cold, the isolation and the wild beasts. A tribute to the human wild side that gets lost in the origins of their story.




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