- - Treat Saddle Sores with SnowBalls Underwear

Treat Saddle Sores with SnowBalls Underwear

According to the makers of SnowBalls Underwear, lowering scrotal temperature by just one degree Celsius can treat not only a myriad of male infertility problems, but even saddle sores as well.

SnowBalls claims its scientifically backed underwear can aid cyclists in finding relief from dreaded saddles sores by simply wearing their undergarment for 30 minutes post-ride. 

SnowBalls comprise the brand’s patent-pending SnowWedges, which are designed to mold around the wearer’s body in order to reach maximum surface area and produce maximum cooling. Moreover, unlike normal icepacks they won’t get the wearer wet, and he (or she as it may be) doesn’t have to sit there holding the ice in place. 

Our thoughts?

Hey, anything to can bring comfort and relief to such a grueling, testosterone driven sport like cycling, gets more than just an arousal out of us. 

After all, capping-off a Gran Fondo victory with a well chilled under-region is the equivalent of donning the maillot bleu sous-vêtements

or the maglia azzurro biancheria intima atop the podium. 



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