- - Trials Rider Vittorio Brumotti Rides 60 Foot Railing

Trials Rider Vittorio Brumotti Rides 60 Foot Railing

Bike trials expert, Vittorio Brumotti, astonishes audiences by traversing a steel railing that’s barely wider than his bike’s tire – 60 feet above a rocky coastline.

Brumotti, who holds 10 Guinness World Records, discusses the importance of recognizing fear and how he’s able to focus during his harrowing rides.

“I think about my mom,” the 34-year-old Italian explains in the footage.

He also quotes part of his mission statement from his website:

“Never a day without his faithful ‘pedal companion.’ His wheels go around the world not to search for a treasure or to become rich, but to demonstrate that everything is possible with sacrifice and passion. It takes very little to be happy.”

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