- - Tubolito Introduces the World's First Smart Inner Tube

Tubolito Introduces the World’s First Smart Inner Tube

Tubolito has introduced what it’s calling the world’s first smart inner tube, which uses a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip to communicate air pressure wirelessly to the riders’ smartphone via the company’s app that works with both Android and iOS.

In order to check tire pressure, the rider simply opens the app and holds his or her smartphone close to the chip, which in turn will display air pressure in both the number of bars and PSI.

The MTB-P-SENS inner tube is available in 29in and 27.5in sizes with a 42mm valve, both of which are suitable for tires that are 1.8in to 2.5in wide.

Alongside the MTB-P-SENS inner tube, Tubolito has also introduced a couple of gravel/cyclocross inner tubes, touting them as the “lightest, most packable inner tubes” of their kind.

The Tubo-CX/Gravel All inner tube works with both 650b and 700c wheels, with tires ranging from 30mm to 47mm.

According to Tubolito, it has a 50% smaller pack size than a standard butyl inner tube.

“Ready for disc brakes as well as rim brakes and offering double the toughness compared with standard rubber tubes it is the perfect all-rounder,” says Tubolito.

There’s also a Presta version that weighs in at 60g with choice of either a 42mm or 60mm valve.  

For the weight weenies crowd, Tubolito offers the S-Tubo-CX/Gravel All, which is 80% lighter than standard butyl inner tubes at just 35g – with a 42mm Presta valve.

Tubolito says, the ultra-lightweight, compact S-Tubo-CX/Gravel All is designed to be a handy spare tube for 700c and 650b tires ranging from 30mm to 47mm, while the 60mm valve option is only a gram heavier.

“It is not only a savior in need but can be perfectly used on a daily basis as it still is as robust as standard rubber tubes,” boasts Tubolito.

You can learn more about Tubolito’s new range of inner tubes by visiting the brand’s website here.





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