- - Tune Developing Carbon Fiber Disc Brake Rotor Covers

Tune Developing Carbon Fiber Disc Brake Rotor Covers


With all of the safety concerns surrounding the use of disc brakes in both professional and amateur racing, bike companies have been scrambling to come up with a product that will rule-out the threat of injury, should a rider come in contact with a disc brake rotor.

As a result, Tune has been fast at work prototyping various styles of rotor covers. 

Referred to as Sheaths, the bolt-on covers are designed to work alongside 160mm Shimano Flat Mount rotors, to shield a majority of the rotor’s edge.

However, unlike competing designs, Tune’s Sheaths mount independently of the bike’s axles, thus giving way to easy brake access and wheel changes.


According to Tune, special washers provide the ideal amount of spacing needed for the Sheaths to effectively clear the brake mounts and calipers.

While Tune recognizes this set-up does reduce some degree of pad contact, the final results are more than satisfactory.


The current versions pictured have been prototyped using 3D printing, paving the way for Tune to create a full carbon production version.


There’s currently no word on pricing, but you can be assured that any component offered by the German brand won’t come cheap. 



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